Namagiripettai Krishnan - Nadhaswaram

Namagiripettai Krishnan - Nadhaswaram

01 Gnanavinayagane-Raga Nattai
02 Jesinathella-Raga Thodi
03 Vasudevayani-Raga Kalyani
04 Evarani-Raga Dhevamrithavarshini
05 Paramapavana-Raga Ranjani
06 Maye-Raga Tharangini
07 Thillana-Raga Chenjurutti
08 Amuthamuri-Raga Sindu Bhairavi



  1. Absolutely marvellous! Thank you very much for saving old indian vinyl!
    Is there any possibility to have the backside as well? Can you tell me the catalogue number of the LP?
    I think I had this LP back in the late seventies ...

  2. youll find the front & back scan included in the .zip file.

  3. Stupid me! I got to exited and wrote that comment while I was waiting for the download... He, he, anyhow ... should be a good indicator that I was looking forward to this one! Thank you very much for not only saving vinyl but for doing the good deeds thoroughly! I am sure my obvious enthusiasm will to some extent excuse me.... :-)
    This one posted by you has the catalogue number S/33ESX.6019
    The one I was thinking of that I have a copy of as my original "got away" had a similar cover but the catalogue number was S/33ESX.6047 and unfortunately I have no scans or photos of either front nor backside...
    Thanks again!

  4. have been keeping an eye glued to this blog... coming along nicely... this one is chronik. choice niblets

  5. WOW. What a wonderful recording. Thank you so much for sharing this.


  6. Simplemente maravillosos envios de ragas, una seleccion exquisita, la escucho con disfrute, gracias. ¿Tendras ragas para danza clasica hindu?

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