Sayeeduddin Dagar - Lineage of Dhrupad

Sayeeduddin Dagar - Lineage of Dhrupad

01. Raga Bhairav - Alap (34:05)
02. Raga Bhairav - Jor/Jhalla (9:25)
03. Raga Bhairav - Dhrupad in Sadara (8:14)
04. Raga Gunakali - Dhrupad in Tivra (5:08)
05. Raga Komal Rishabh - Asavari in Sooltaal (6:24)



  1. Thank you for all your effort on this blog. This is exactly what I've been lookin' for! It's very difficult to learn about music from another country, especially since it's distributed here in a very limited format.

  2. Thanks for the posting-Dhrupad is my favorite form of Indian classical music and this is a performer I am not familiar with-I look forward to listening to the download at leisure....as requested in another comment tonight, could you possibly direct me as to how to set up and share the way that you are...i have a seldom used blog site and have accounts at mediafire, adrive and box.net...mac formatted, i think i am able to create zip files of a folder with the jpegs of covers and info, and the mp3 or mp4a format...but am unclear as to how to create the linkages via the blog (and then to the outside world via other links)...any help would be appreciated..

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  4. thank you very much for this wonderful music.
    I have Sayeeduddin Dagar's magical Bhopali's recording as well and this one's a real find for me.
    Many thanks, again.