P.T. Rajendra Prasanna
Enchanting Of Himalaya

01. Raag Maarwa (30:46)
02. Raag Yaman (22:42)
03. Dhun-Himalaya (7:21)



  1. I can't wait to hear this. I bought a tape of Rajendra Prassana years ago in Rajasthan and have searched in vain ever since it wore out. Thank you , and anything else you have by him would be much appreciated.

  2. Hello!
    Could you post again this album, because mediafire now is not hosting it?
    And of course big big thanks for this blog and beautiful music. Music, which is very rare in my country, far west of the Ganges :). Many of this albums are encouraging in first step even because of pretty covers with eastern flavour.
    Greetings from Poland :-)