Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar - The Art of Dagarvani Dhrupad

Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar - The Art of Dagarvani Dhrupad
(dhrupad vocal)

1. raga lalit - alap
2. raga lalit - dhrupad
3. raga lalit - dhrupad (2nd version)

1. raga hindol - alap
2. raga hindol - dhamar
3. raga shuddh saarang - alap
4. raga shuddh saarang - dhrupad

1. raga pooria - alap
2. raga pooria - dhrupad
3. raga eman - alap
4. raga eman - dhrupad

1. raga chandrakauns - alap
2. raga chandrakauns - dhrupad

1. raga darbari kanada - alap
2. raga darbari kanada - dhrupad
3. raga adana - dhrupad
4. raga sohni - alap
5. raga sohni - dhrupad

(this link will only be available until october 15th)


  1. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  2. Thanks so much for all the great material, I run a blog called Broadcasts From Poor Farm that features frequent LP rips from my collection. I've got a growing number of classical indian records released on the Odeon (India) record label. Most all of these I've got in hand are imports from India directly and I haven't seen most of these performances re-released in other forms, save for a few albums. I also recently uploaded Alain Danielou's amazing 3LP boxset anthology he put together in the 1950s.

    Please check it all out if ya got the time! All best,

  3. Thank you for this amazing music. I often go here but rarely post comments. I discovered many great things here :-D

  4. hi there. just came across your blog. this is absolutely amazing. really one of a kind. it's such a shame so many of the old links are dead - both mediafire and of course megaupload. is there any way we could help you to get the links back up again? those that are still alive i look forward very much to listening to in depth. with great gratitude

  5. Any chance to re-up this (I've missed it) ?

    Anyway, check this link for a one hour documentary on Malikarjun Mansur. Totally awesome imo.


  6. Could you please re-up this...

  7. please re-up this, for the love of dhrupad!

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  9. It seems that I'm late in discovering this wonderful blog :( Are you by any chance re-uploading 'Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar - The Art of Dagarvani Dhrupad'? Thanks